Mailcastr uses the transparent pixel method that the email industry used for ages. When you send an email using Mailcastr, a pixel is embedded in your message. Once the recipient's email client or application loads the image, Mailcastr's server gets the request, and we record it as an open event.
No. The mailcastr will sync only with the emails that are sent using chrome extension or sent with our dashboard. Currently, we don't have a mobile app.
No. Mailcastr is not an email client to do so.
No. Mailcastr tracks the emails that are sent only by clicking Mailcastr sent button seen in your compose window.
There are 2 methods to install the bot on your site-

  1. Directly injecting code into the website
  2. Integrate using Google Tag Manager
  3. integrate using WordPress plugin

Direct injecting is suggested when if you haven't installed the Tag manager on the website.

copy the code snippet from the bot settings page

Paste the snippet into the <head> and </head> tags on the page(s) on which you want to show Mailcastr bot.

All done!. Try the website in an incognito window and check the web dashboard for responses. There might be small delays in updating the response on the dashboard.
If you are using calendly in your website then you might be already familiar with the interface and how it works. We integrate with calendly using the native interface and so that you get bookings only from the most qualified leads. This helps you to save time and work for only what matters.
You can show up Mailcastr bot when someone clicks on a button on your website.

When Mailcastr widget is initialized it will trigger an event called mailcastr-bot-loaded. You can listen for this event and set-up your custom logic for showing chat widget.

Following example will show you how to open the widget popup when clicking on a button with id button_to_open_mailcastr_widget. Place this code before Mailcastr bot snippet.
  window.addEventListener('mailcastr-bot-loaded', function (botEvent) {
    var button = document.getElementById('button_to_open_mailcastr_widget');
    button.addEventListener('click', function () {;
Use botEvent.detail.hide() if you want to hide widget popup when clicking on a button.
We offer a 14-days money-back policy. You have enough time to test our trial plan and we think that the upgradations won't be a bad choice.
No. you need it only when you upgrade to a premium plan.
Please check our data policy here