The best way to email and chat with your leads in 2021

Know when someone opens your email, lands on website and turn them into qualified leads with 24*7 conversational chat bots.

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Send the right email at the right time

Know the best time to follow up with real-time notifications. A call to someone that has just opened your email is 10x more likely to be the next opportunity.

The next prospect has landed!

Get notified when someone you mailed land on the website and ready to make a move.

Even if you are asleep!

Engage website visitors with 24*7 chatbots and convert cold leads into qualified sales opportunities.

Unlock the power of unknowns

You grow when you have more time to spend with qualified leads than cold and invalid lead database.


Email tracking

Bulk emails

Send personalized bulk emails with confidence.

Browser extensions

Handy extensions for your favourite browsers to track emails sent with Gmail or Gsuite.


Conversational chat-bots
for 24*7 lead capture

Personalized greetings

Personalized greetings when someone from your email lands on the website.

Collect 10X more leads

Conversational chatbot collects leads even when you are asleep.

Build a Bot

Don't waste time on invalid
lead records again!

Smart lead verification

Mailcastr validates leads in real time when they chat with the bot.

Reduce followup email bounce

No invalid data are entered into the sales database and never worry about your email reputation.

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Native integrations to connect with your sales and marketing stack.

The only conversational bot platform built to help you save time

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