Affordable Email Tracking & Analytics

Know the best time to follow up with real-time notifications. A call to someone that has just opened your email is 10x more likely to be the next opportunity.

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Craft the perfect email

Follow up at right time

Sit back and relax


Know when your mails are opened

Email tracking for Gmail to know when your emails are read. Dashboard with historical data to make better decisions.

Get realtime notifications

Follow up at the right time with the real time notifications on your chrome whenever someone open an email.

Get device and location information

Get more context by knowing the device and location information.

Know when someone clicks on links

More they click on the links, more they are interested in your offerings.

Track your mails from any device

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Your data is secure

We neither access your mail box nor keep track of your activities. You can find more details in our privacy policy.

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