Frequently Asked Questions

Mailcastr uses the transparent pixel method that the email industry used for ages. When you send an email using Mailcastr, a pixel is embedded in your message. Once the recipient's email client or application loads the image, Mailcastr's server gets the request, and we record it as an open event.
No. Mailcastr is not an email client to do so.
Make sure that you have installed the mailcastr chrome plugin in your Desktop/PC. Compose or forward a mail to someone. You can see mailcastr send button just below the gmail send button. Send the email and now you can see the email in our dashboard with a single tick in sent list. Once it is read, you will get a notification in both PC. Now the single tick turns to double tick.
No. Mailcastr tracks the emails that are sent only by clicking Mailcastr sent button seen in your compose window.

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